The Best Finance Resources for CFOs

Mary Bushee
By Mary Bushee
Mary Bushee

Mary Bushee

Mary Bushee is a marketing writer at Tipalti. She garners her editorial research from finance thought leaders and agents of change. She loves to write about modern software capabilities that will empower clients. Based in San Francisco, Mary received a B.A. in Advertising & Strategic Communications at Penn State.


Updated January 22, 2024

The 12 Best Finance Resources for CFOs

The past few years were ones for the history books—and CFOs are now rebuilding their business plans for a digital, remote landscape. Modern CFOs have evolved past their original role of being just number crunchers—they’re prioritizing technology to increase operational efficiency and visibility.

A finance leader’s role includes determining company spending, which can significantly influence team morale. Their role requires stakeholder buy-in and providing strategic data insight to the C-Suite. With great power comes great responsibility, and CFOs need the right resources to learn and strategize for their company.

These resources, such as blogs and podcasts, influence CFOs to grow in their career. They empower financial leaders to create efficiency and improve visibility within their financial organizations. 

So how does a strategic CFO navigate the finance industry now? What skills and goals do they need to take on? 

Below are the top finance resources for today’s modern CFO. 

Groups & Associations 

CFO Leadership Council

This council was initially formed by a group of finance executives aspiring to create connections with peers in a secure environment. The council includes 27 chapters and nearly 2,000 members. Sponsors and partners include industry leaders who enhance the council’s reputable mindset and goals. CFO Leadership Council hosts events that feature a panel of experts and interactive sessions. Additionally, they provide online content that empowers finance professionals to evolve into leaders.


Deloitte is one of the “Big Four” accounting firms that are highly knowledgeable in finance leadership. Every CFO should know about Deloitte—they provide insight into what trends and challenges CFOs need to embrace for the future. 

Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM)

Fraud risk is one thing that keeps CFOs up at night. With mounting pressure to improve operations and scale, cash handling must be timely and accurate. But compliance regulations are everchanging, leading to an increase in complexity. That’s why IOFM exists. They’re committed to assisting financial leaders in future-proofing their financial operations and offering insight into navigating complicated topics. 


Another one of the “Big Four,” KPMG is one of the largest professional service providers in the world. KPMG leaders and thought leaders from across the globe provide content on current events, financial pain points, and trending changes in the financial ecosystem so that CFOs can supercharge their industry knowledge.

Media & Publications


Forbes is no stranger to the world of finance. This global media company focuses on business, stocks, investments, technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership roles. Forbes started as a magazine, which continues to publish eight times a year. Their finance content regularly covers CFO and leadership tips and tricks. Last year, Forbes published a related article—The CFO Essential Summer Reading List (2020). offers a wealth of knowledge with extensive resources, including whitepapers and eBooks. It is a leading media brand that provides insights into executive controls, including sound advice and innovative technology that will elevate the CFO role. highlights the most pressing issues in business today and how to navigate through the financial industry. 

The Financial Advisor

The Financial Advisor covers every aspect of the CFO role. From IPO readiness to implementing a tech stack that is best in class, this blog leaves no stone unturned. It provides a roadmap on how to strategize in an uncertain financial environment, how to drive an organization to unicorn status, and where to start in streamlining your operational workflows. 

Generation CFO

Generation CFO showcases technology executives and pioneers. The publication includes The Shift, a channel where the most compelling finance leaders are interviewed. Generation CFO provides methods to scale your business and expertly forecasts future finance and technological trends.


CFO Thought Leader

This podcast spotlights CFOs who have faced adversity and have created new pathways—inspiring listeners to follow their footsteps into the digital landscape.

Your Personal CFO Podcast

Entrepreneurs gather to talk finance and explain strategies on how to become high-level executives. This podcast provides interviews with experts on how to run a successful financial business. 

CFO Talks | Idea Sharing for CFOs

Based in Centurion, South Africa, this podcast shares conversations between CFOs and provides compelling discussions on all things finance. They offer monthly networking events, educational video content, and CFO-focused conferences. 

BBC’s Business Daily

This podcast discusses international topics that are important to finance executives in today’s landscape. Each episode is only 18 minutes long—perfect for any finance professionals who have a short window of free time.

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