Gain control over card spend

Take charge of your corporate card spend with Tipalti Card, an employee-friendly solution offering both physical and virtual cards that simplifies the issuance, control, visibility, and reconciliation of card expenditures.

The best part? Manage card spend, expenses and more from one centralized location in your AP automation platform. Plus, you earn cashback on every transaction!


Manage Card Spend within Your Finance Automation Solution

Tipalti Card streamlines corporate spending by offering physical and virtual cards directly from the Tipalti Hub, enabling comprehensive management of all card-related expenses within your finance platform. Effortlessly issue new cards, set spending controls, and benefit from automated transaction coding. Card transactions are synced to your ERP, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time. Whether it’s software subscriptions, travel expenses, or team-related costs, Tipalti simplifies the issuance and management of corporate cards, offering convenience and efficient financial control.

AP Financial Controls for Card Spend

Eliminate manual processes and establish a payment card program your employees will love, offering both physical and virtual cards with robust controls, workflows, and security. Issue cards with spend limits, vendor limits, and pre-approved categories.

  • Issue cards with spend limits, vendor limits, and pre-approved categories.
  • GL codes are applied to each card.
  • Custom workflows based on your process requirements.
  • Controls and visibility throughout the entire transaction.
  • Automatic reconciliation and sync with ERP.

Consolidate Spend and Enhance Visibility

Manage all your purchases in one unified location.

  • Both physical and virtual card transactions are processed using the same solution that handles all your other payment methods, including ACH, Global ACH, prepaid debit card, wire transfer, PayPal, and check.
  • Real-time visibility and control of all card transactions in a single centralized system with a unified experience.

Automatic Card Reconciliation and Sync with ERP

Eliminate the need for spreadsheets to manually reconcile card charges and track down receipts.

  • Card transactions are automatically captured and processed as with any other payment method.
  • Workflow requirements include key information such as GL codes and card receipts to ensure charges are reconciled and synced to your ERP
  • Easily split card transactions into multiple line items for accurate allocation to different accounts.

Easy to Set up and Manage

Eliminate traditional card programs’ complexities and manual processes and establish a simple method for finance to set up and manage card spend across the organization.

  • Swiftly create and issue physical or virtual cards, for one-time use, T&E, or ongoing spend categories.
  • Issue cards with key information required to enable automatic reconciliation and sync with ERP systems.
  • Cancel or suspend cards at any time to control rogue spend and misuse.
  • Easily update or change card information as your requirements change.


Establish a card program—offering both physical and virtual cards—that your employees will love using.

  • Remove the complexities and manual processes associated with traditional card programs.
  • Provide employees with an easy way to request and use cards.
  • Integration with Tipalti Expenses enables employees to manage card transactions and reimbursable expenses in one place and gain a consolidated view of their spend

Earn Cash-Back

Every dollar spent via a Tipalti Card earns you a cash rebate. The more transactions you make, the more cash-back you earn. It’s that simple.

  • Make card spend work for you.
  • Gain more control over spend and earn cash back.

Fraud Management

Enjoy unprecedented visibility into corporate card spend.

  • Card spend controls for limiting usage by employees, vendors, and specific categories to reduce risk and limit fraud.
  • Clear association of every transaction to a payee and employee.
  • Gain insights into every card issued in real-time, not month-end.

Mark Arrieta | Controller, FloSports

“That was always one of my fears of the so-called
zombie spend: How much are we just spending on stuff that no one’s even using? With Tipalti Card, as soon as the transaction hits, it flows automatically to NetSuite and our reporting, increasing visibility more quickly to all the money being spent against people’s budgets.”

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