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Global Publisher Payment Automation

Get performance marketing tracking, analytics, and global publisher payouts in one platform with Everflow and Tipalti.

Everflow 2

Self-Service Sign-up for Affiliates
Affiliates choose their preferred payment method and currency for full flexibility. Address details, payment information, and tax IDs are input by affiliates and validated with 27,000+ global rules during the onboarding process, helping reduce payment errors by 66%+ and saving time for finance.

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Tax & Regulatory Compliance at the Core.
Tipalti helps reduce risk by keeping you in compliance with global regulations and tax codes. You can collect W-9, W-8s, and VAT IDs from your affiliates before a payment has ever been made, ensuring you have the correct information on hand for EOY tax filings. Tipalti also scans many international blacklists prior to every payment to ensure you aren’t paying a bad actor.

Everflow 4

Cross-Border Payments Automated for Scale
Tipalti powers publisher payments to 190 countries, in 120 currencies, across 6 payment methods. Proactive email communications reduce the number of calls to your team about payment status, as affiliates have complete visibility into payment statuses and corrective actions to take in case a payment fails.

Everflow 5

Fraud Prevention, Elevated.
Tipalti Detect screens all publishers for past suspicious account activity and automatically blocks payment until further review by an account administrator, protecting you from fraudulent publisher payouts.

Everflow 6

Integration. Simplified.
Tipalti’s affiliate onboarding portal is embedded directly within the Everflow platform, giving affiliates a one-stop shop to track performance and payouts. Affiliate payment instructions based on their performance in Everflow are automatically sent to Tipalti for payment, so you never have to upload a payment instruction file.

Integrated global affiliate payments are key to achieving the last mile of partner management. Everflow powers performance marketing across all channels, while Tipalti streamlines global payouts at scale. Optimizing the entire performance marketing lifecycle has never been easier.

“The Everflow-Tipalti integration has been integral in streamlining our processes, from driving performance to payment. We’re able to focus on what matters, driving high quality, industry compliant, performance with our partners. Managing our Affiliate department has become easier knowing that the payments will be processed seamlessly while also maintaining compliance.”
Jen Lee, Head of Affiliate

Over 400 businesses are discovering how effortless Tipalti makes accounts payable. If your business is growing and you want to spend less time on invoices and payments, contact us today. We want to make you our next ☆☆☆☆☆ success story.

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