Streamline Affiliate and Performance Marketing Payment Operations with HitPath

HitPath affiliate networks can streamline the entire performance-to-payment cycle for global affiliates to reduce friction and enhance partner relationships.

Seamless Performance Marketing Measurement-to-Payment Workflow

  • Two-way, real-time sync of HitPath and Tipalti performance and payment data
  • Automated white-labeled payee notifications regarding payment status and exceptions
  • Flexible payment methods, including ACH, PayPal, global/international ACH, wire transfer, debit card, paper check, and payments in local currency
  • Tax form collection (W-9, W-8, VAT) and EOY reporting with 1099 and 1042-S data
  • Tipalti’s built-in risk & fraud analysis includes international do-not-pay blacklists, such as OFAC and other sanctions lists.

According to Tipalti’s research on affiliate payment satisfaction, 49% of affiliates actively participate in over six programs and networks at a given time, meaning affiliate loyalties are easily swayed. Additionally, 47% of affiliates have dropped a network because of a payment issue, and of the remaining, 46% say they would drop a network because of a payment issue with their network. Reducing payment friction and giving affiliates both control and visibility into their commission payments are keys to maintaining and building long relationships with high-performing affiliates.

This technical integration allows a HitPath client to easily onboard affiliates while collecting and vetting their payment details in a branded, intelligent self-service portal.  HitPath clients can then use Tipalti to remit payments in a variety of methods and currencies across over 196 countries, provide proactive payment status communications to affiliates, and fully reconcile payment status within HitPath. Furthermore, performance networks can leverage risk and fraud management capabilities and tax, regulatory, and reporting compliance available on the Tipalti platform to complete the entire affiliate payment workflow.

Lee Lipman | CFO at Globalwide Media

Tipalti offers a scalable platform that provides our publishing partners the freedom to choose their desired payment methods, as well as guaranteed commission payouts on time and in any currency. We are so pleased to have Tipalti fully integrated across our worldwide operations, offering best in class service to our global partners. The HitPath-to-Tipalti integration has further improved visibility and communications and streamlined our entire affiliate payment process with enormous time savings.

Seamless Publisher Payments

Sync HitPath data to Tipalti to make mass payments to your affiliates based on their performance data. Final payment approval and execution occurs within Tipalti’s Payer Dashboard where every transaction is logged and detailed. Tipalti returns payment results (unpaid, pending, paid, and failed transactions) to HitPath in real-time so that invoices are fully viewable and immediately reconciled. This integrated payment history provides complete insight to identify payment issues at a glance.

White-Labeled Payee Onboarding and Self-Service Portal

Automate payee onboarding and management. An embeddable payee iframe, or stand-alone web portal, is fully branded to create a white-labeled experience for your payees. Here, payees are able to provide accurate contact, payment and tax form information. All payment information provided is then verified using Tipalti’s 26,000+ global payment rule database to eliminate payment errors. In exchange, partners gain the freedom to choose their most optimal payment method, period, and currency. In addition, they access on-demand payment status and full payment history.

Branded, Automated Communications

Publisher payment status notifications are completely automated using branded, white-labeled email templates. If there’s a problem with a payment, these emails proactively prescribe corrections for the payee to take action, whether it be to update their banking details or get further assistance, communication is high touch without the manual cost.

Global Payment Coverage

Publisher payments with Tipalti deliver extensive global coverage in over 196 countries and 120 local currencies. From PayPal to local bank transfers (Global ACH) and wire transfers, we’ve got your global payment needs covered. If your network is looking to scale and expand into a growing global ecosystem, no other payment platform comes close to Tipalti’s reach and reliability.

Built-In Tax Form Submission

Collecting W-9 and W-8 series tax forms from partners shouldn’t be an end-of-year rush. Tipalti’s payee portal digitally collects this data from publishers and partners, while validating tax identification numbers (TIN), Social Security numbers, and Employer Identification numbers. Tipalti also generates tax reports (including withholding data) which can be used to produce 1099 and 1042-S forms for your partners.

Out-of-the-Box Compliance

In an all-digital economy, the risk of paying bad actors and illegal entities is extremely high. Once you pay them, you never get your money back. Every payment from Tipalti is checked against databases such as the U.S. Treasury’s OFAC SDN as well as similar databases around the world. In addition, Tipalti’s powerful Detect risk module proactively detects questionable payees who may be attempting to cheat the network and automatically hold payments to potential fraudsters.

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