LinkTrust Integration

Manage the Complete Performance-to-Payment Cycle with LinkTrust and Tipalti

Get real-time affiliate marketing campaign tracking with commission payments seamlessly integrated to improve visibility and optimize your affiliate management workflow.

Affiliate Commissions Made Easy

Simplify the process of measuring, managing, and making on-time payments to global affiliates with Tipalti, which is built-in to LinkTrust. Tipalti offers 6 payment methods and payouts to 190 countries in 120 currencies, as well as the ability to set thresholds and split fees to improve transaction margins and incentivize affiliates to choose more cost effective payment methods. It’s easy to execute payments directly in LinkTrust through the Affiliate Commissions Report, Affiliate Single, or File Upload Payments screens and reconcile payments in one click.

White-Labeled Affiliate Signup

Once you select Tipalti for your payments, signing up affiliates is simple. They receive a link to register, which can be completely white-labeled to maintain your brand experience. Signup is done in three simple steps and 27,000+ real-time global payment and tax rules vet and validate your affiliates’ data up front to eliminate payment errors before they happen.

Differentiate with Early Payments

If you have affiliates who want to be paid earlier than the scheduled payment runs, you can extend early payment offers to them. You get a referral fee for every dollar paid early, without ever touching your working capital, and your affiliates can manage their cash flow better with quick, reliable access to cash when they need it. You differentiate your network and your affiliates are happy – it’s a win-win situation for all.

Built-In Tax & Regulatory Compliance

Tipalti takes the pain out of tax and regulatory compliance. Digital W-8 and W-9 tax form collection and validation, certified by KPMG and FATCA-compliant, cuts your manual tax workload while ongoing OFAC and other sanctions screening before every payment ensures you aren’t putting your business at risk by making payments to suspicious affiliates and bad actors. Tipalti’s Detect risk module offers proactive fraud detection and automatically withholds payments to potential fraudsters.

Branded Email Communications

Affiliate payment status notifications are completely automated using branded, white-labeled email templates. If a payment fails, tax forms are expiring, or more documentation is required, these emails proactively prescribe corrections for the affiliate to take action. It’s high-touch communication without the high manual costs.