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Comparing the Best Accounts Payable Software

Before you can select the right AP automation for your organization, you need a crystal-clear understanding of your needs. Learn how to forge an accounts payable path.



Tipalti provides an end-to-end payables solution that eliminates 80% of the workload for global supplier payments

The holistic cloud system offers invoice processing, PO matching, supplier onboarding, cross-border remittance, early payment status communication, ERP integration, reconciliation, automated procurement, and so much more. 

Key Features:

  • Upload from the Supplier Hub and email directly to the AP alias
  • When a bill looks familiar, the system sends duplicate invoice protection alerts
  • Advanced data extraction with OCR and a supplier portal
  • Route approvals to minimize delays and capture early payment discounts
  • Touchless straight-through processing to schedule batch invoices for payment


Tipalti’s pricing model is designed to grow with your company. That’s because, as a business expands, needs like tax forms, multi-entity payables, and global payments come into the picture. 


  • Super easy setup with an attentive and knowledgeable customer service staff that explains everything in detail
  • Payees have various options for payment methods. They can also set thresholds and hold payments when necessary.
  • Payees can edit and update their information, which reduces lost invoices and human error


  • Extensive total reports can be slower to export and process (which is common with any AP software)


AvidXchange helps a business streamline the end-to-end accounts payable process with AP automation that eliminates paper-based problems. 

The system helps reduce security risks, automate approvals, and schedule payments while cutting processing costs.

Key Features:

  • Central data repository with custom approval and payment workflows
  • 180+ top integrations with brands like NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Real-time reporting on accounts, performance, and growth
  • Bill payment automation with over 680,000 businesses in the supplier network
  • Purchase order automation to gain efficiency and maintain control on spending


Although AvidXchange does not list a price on their site, online reviews have stated that it can be rather steep to use the accounting system. One user reported paying upwards of $5,000.


  • AP department find it easier to track and approve invoices
  • Ideal customer support that’s always on point
  • Very quick to set up, onboard, and use daily


  • Must call or email to request a stop payment on a check
  • Files can be too large to upload and must be compressed
  • Random queues from “indexer” bots can result in late payments


DocuPhase is an AP automation platform that helps to simplify the accounts payable process. 

Transform business processes with invoice management software that combines OCR technology, workflow, forms, artificial intelligence, and ERP integration for a seamless automation experience.

Key Features:

  • Automated data entry and PO matching (two-way and three-way)
  • Rules-based approval routing and GL coding
  • New Vendor AP process that enforces compliance requirements
  • Integrate with Dynamics GP, NAV, AX, NetSuite, and other software solution
  • Workflow automation with drag-n-drop templates and unique sequential processes


There is no price listed on the DocuPhase site for the software. 

Their blog on Business Process Automation lists an average price of $30 per month for 1-10 employees. Other factors that can impact cost include:

  • The amount of storage needed for invoice data
  • Whether the solution is on-premise or in the cloud
  • How many employees need a license
  • The suite of tools purchased
  • Managed services after deployment for updates and support 


  • Onboarding is airtight and ensures all critical documents are received and approved
  • AP team can rapidly create a change process 
  • Customization and search capabilities help to scale AP workflows


  • Could have easier troubleshooting and system errors are not always clear
  • It takes a while to load large documents, and services can hang up and need restarting
  • Only some versions of the platform can assign to users

Ready to optimize your accounts payable strategy?

When automating AP, many select software that only meets basic requirements. How do you take a more strategic approach?


Melio is a fintech company that offers a platform for small businesses to manage their accounts payable and billing online. It’s built to simplify the process of paying vendors, suppliers, and other company expenses.

Organizations can use Melio to pay their bills using credit cards, even if the recipient doesn’t accept them. This is not only helpful for earning bonuses and rewards, but managing cash flow as well.

Key Features:

  • Approval workflows to share payment responsibilities and control who does what
  • Access a local vendor directory and nationwide network
  • Pay over time, allowing vendors to pay now, while you maintain a schedule
  • Automate the bill pay process through easy bil capture
  • Sync Melio with your preferred accounting software and tools


Melio has free ACH bank transfers with zero subscription fees. The system offers several pricing plans for their services, which change over time. There is typically a free plan and a paid plan. However, these will vary based on the features and services you need. Call for a custom quote.


  • Free ACH transfers save small businesses a lot of money
  • The consolidated system makes it easy to track payment status
  • Integrates well with QBO and other tools to simplify AP management  


  • There are limited customer service options, so it can be hard to resolve issues
  • Faster transfer times would be a bonus
  • Has varied approval process, not just by amount, but vendor based approvals


Pairsoft helps a business free finance teams from manual processes, while reducing costs. Pairsoft offers AP automation, procurement, and strategic document management. 

The system boasts 90% more efficient document filing, with 70% faster approvals, and $62,000 annual savings in labor costs.

Key Features:

  • Embedded ERP solutions for full control and visibility over data
  • Better routing and approval pathways to boost collaboration across departments
  • Intuitive data capture to save time on manual processes 
  • Purchasing compliance and report financials for stress-free audits
  • Manage vendor needs and plan purchasing ahead of time to save money


The cost for Pairsoft is based on a custom quote. Pay only for what you need, with no extra charges as your team grows. The offer unlimited storage, free integration, support, and ongoing upgrades.


  • Simple UI with user-friendly interface and seamless funcitonality
  • Documents are automatically assigned meta data based on the transaction
  • Streamlined integrations with immediate uploads


  • There can be a sharper learning curve than other competitors
  • Customer support can sometimes be lacking in response
  • The program runs in the background after other tools are closed


Yooz is accounts payable automation software that reduces the cost per invoice by 84%. The platform provides some of the most innovative and most powerful cloud-based invoice and payment processing on the market. 

Yooz delivers unmatched security and speed to more than 100,000 users worldwide. The system integrates seamlessly with over 200 financial management programs and offers zero-risk subscriptions.

Key Features:

  • Automate PR/PO and approve using workflows on the same day
  • Mobile access to invoice approval and communication
  • Completely paperless AP with supplier participation and enablement
  • Easily capture available early payment discounts
  • YoozStamp and YoozSmartSplit: 100% of documents separated automatically


The platform comes with a free, 15-day trial with no commitments. 

The Gold Edition is quote-based with an unlimited number of users. It comes with four hours of complimentary service to get started and is risk-free. The subscription price is based on the volume of documents processed. 

The Yooz site has given some stats on cost savings that include:

  • The average cost of manual processing supplier invoices is $18,348/year
  • The estimated cost of processing with Yooz is $2,338/year

That’s an annual estimated savings of $15,960.


  • There is ample document storage and the ability to have an “on the record” conversation with each invoice
  • Extensive customer support with a knowledgeable and accommodating staff
  • Everything can be tracked from the date and time it is entered to when exactly an invoice is approved


  • When invoices are stamped and separated, sometimes the scanners incorrectly combine them
  • The dashboard is tough to customize with limited metric data
  • The system doesn’t always recognize vendor names properly

Emburse Certify AP

Emburse Certify AP innovates the finance and AP functions with digital requisitioning, receiving, purchase orders, invoice management, vendor payments, and budget workflows. 

Built-in machine learning controls adhere seamlessly to a company’s regulatory requirements and approval processes. The machine learning controls drive compliance and keep procurement within policy and budget. 

Key features:

  • Intuitive expense management with travel booking tools to speed up reimbursements and control spend
  • Improve regulatory and budgetary compliance while approving items rapidly for early payment discounts
  • Employees book travel from any device with tools to ensure policy compliance
  • Tighten controls to make sure data is accurate with a complete audit trail
  • Streamline everything from purchase orders to requisitions and vendor lists in one system


Emburse Certify AP pricing starts at $8/month for 1-25 employees. 

Larger companies with 25-200 employees can opt for the Professional Package with a custom monthly service fee. The Professional Package includes advanced expense management with full-service implementation for up to 30 days.

Enterprise companies with 200+ employees receive best-in-class expense management with a full-service implementation based on needs. The fee is custom annual fixed pricing, so CFOs must call for an exact quote. 


  • It makes completing expenses easy and pulls receipts automatically
  • The speed of reviewing, submitting, and approving expenses increases productivity
  • Use OCR on receipts, import from credit cards, and quickly track submissions  


  • When submitting an expense report, click the “Submit” button multiple times
  • There can be a sharp learning curve on the process flow
  • Cannot edit an expense if an inquiry question has been sent


AP automation depends on what a business needs. The future of accounts payable is firmly rooted in technology and, more specifically, automation. 

Accounting is an inherently tedious process—this workflow overhaul is long overdue. Emerging trends for the AP automation industry include advanced machine learning, extensive data management, and blockchain technology. 

The time to adopt this technology is now. Allow this guide to serve as the beginning of AP technology implementation that will improve relationships, save money, drive growth, and shift business practices forever.  

How do you future-proof your organization for success? Find out in The Ultimate Accounts Payable Survival Guide.

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