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Best Net 60 Vendors that can Help You Build Business Credit in 2024

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Net 30 and net 60 vendors offer trade credit through accounts payable and business credit cards with payment terms. Getting business credit terms improves cash flow by delaying payment dates beyond the delivery dates. On-time payment builds good business credit history.

What are Net 60 Vendors?

Net 60 vendors are suppliers offering 60-day payment terms to their approved customers through invoices with due dates. This trade credit from net 60 vendors is interest-free financing when the suppliers receive payment from their customers within 60 calendar days. Net 60 vendors may offer an optional early payment discount with the net 60-day terms. 

Types of Net 60 Payment Terms

Net 60 payment terms include net 60, requiring payment of the total invoice balance due within 60 calendar days (not business days). Although the payment terms usually start from the invoice date, the vendor may specify a different date, like the shipping date, when setting the payment due date.

The payment term, 2/10 net 60, gives customers a 2 percent early payment discount when paying an invoice within 10 days from the invoice date. If they choose not to take the discount when paying, the customer pays the full amount due on the invoice within 60 days. 

Vendors can choose whether to offer early payment discounts and set the discount rate, which may be 1%, 2%, or another discount rate for early payment within a stated number of days. 

Vendor terms may include charges for late payments of invoices at a specified rate or amount per their payment terms. 

Business credit cards may offer net 60 accounts (or net 55 or net 30), with no interest charged during the grace period if credit card statements are paid on time. 

Invoice Payment Terms

Invoice payment terms like net 60 credit terms include days for the vendor to receive the customer’s payment, possibly combined with an early payment discount. 

The vendor can offer a choice of payment terms, including net 10, net 30, net 45, net 60, and net 90. Generally, vendors standardize invoice credit terms for their credit-worthy customers. Early payment discounts are usually 2 percent or 1 percent for invoice payment within 10 days but may vary by vendor. 

List of Net 60 Vendors

Several wholesale marketplaces offer net 60 terms to retailers. 

A list of net 60 vendors offering 60-day payment terms is:

  1. Supplied!
  2. Abound
  3. Faire


Supplied!, a wholesale clothing marketplace, Is a net 60 vendor with a TrustPilot 4.8 score and 93% Excellent reviews rating percentage. 


As a net 60 vendor, Abound is an online wholesale marketplace granting net 60 terms and free returns to retailers on thousands of products. Retailers apply online for net 60 payment terms through the Abound website. 

On TrustPilot, Abound has a 4.7 score and 87% excellent reviews. 


The net 60 vendor Faire is an online wholesaler marketplace company offering net 60 payment terms to the retailers they approve for credit accounts. Faire pays for the purchased items upfront, then gives retailers 60 days from the invoice date or the shipment date if the shipment takes more than 14 days. 

Eligible retailers sign up at Faire and get an initial amount to spend on purchases as a credit limit that can later increase. Faire validates retailers applying for credit with links to the applicant company’s bank account, point-of-sale system, or accounting system. 

Faire’s criteria for increasing credit limits are:

“When making payment terms adjustments, we will take into account any changes to your business type, size, or location, as well as your payment history, financial information, and/or additional self-reported sales information.”

On TrustPilot, Faire has a 4.4 score, with 76% Excellent ratings. One reviewer pointed out that Faire didn’t pay import duties upfront for their company and that they directly received customs bills for which Faire would provide account credits later. If that’s an issue for your business, understand how Faire may handle import duties.

Faire is not BBB accredited. 

Read the FAQs on net 60 vendor (and net 30 vendor) websites for more information. 

Lists of Net 30 Accounts

Read Tipalti’s lists of net 30 accounts and net 30 vendors for building business credit in other articles in this series.  These net 30 vendors for easy approval of trade credit include office, shipping, custom or standard garments, and janitorial supplies companies like Quill, Crown Office Supplies, Uline, Business T-Shirt Club, and Grainger. 

Some suppliers require applicants to buy annual memberships to get their net 30 accounts. Consider this when evaluating pricing. 

Asking Your Vendors for Better Credit Terms

Once you establish a business history with your current suppliers and good credit, you can request better credit terms from your vendors. 

For example, request a discount of 2/10 net 30 if your company has net 30 terms. Or request 2/10 net 60 payment terms to extend the payment due date from 30 days to 60 days, with an optional 2% prompt payment discount if you pay the invoice within 10 days. If you think that net 90 days is possible with this vendor, you can ask when negotiating for better credit terms.  

Alternatives to Using Net 60 Vendors

Business credit cards, business lines of credit, and SBA business loans are alternatives to net 60 vendors. Other choices are net 30, net 45, and net 90 vendor accounts.

Business Credit Cards

Major retailers offer branded credit cards with business lines of credit. 

These business credit cards include:

  •  Home Depot
  •  Lowe’s
  • Sam’s Club
  • Amazon Business Credit Line (net 55) by Synchrony 
  • Costco Anywhere Visa Business Card by Citi

The business credit cards include an APR (annual percentage rate) charged on unpaid amounts beyond the monthly statement due date. Some charge an annual fee, and some offer rewards based on purchases. Unless otherwise specified, the terms may vary from net 30 days to 60 days.

Credit card companies, including American Express, directly offer several types of business credit cards to approved customers that apply.

Banks Offering Lines of Credit and SBA Loans for Business Financing

Your company’s bank offers revolving business lines of credit for qualified companies with a certain length of time in business. Check with your existing bank and interview other banks. These banks may also be lenders offering Small Business Administration business loans. SBA loans may require personal guarantees from the small business owner or CEO.

Purchase Line of Credit for Businesses

Behalf offers a line of credit charging a fixed minimum monthly interest rate of 1%. Credit line users can purchase from Behalf and related company Apparel Candy (Wholesale). Or approved Behalf credit line holders can use their credit line for all their business purchases from other vendors. 

According to the Behalf website, the company has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) A rating. Companies of all sizes use Behalf purchasing credit lines. 

If approved, buyers can receive their merchandise and get a 30 to 180-day payback period on demand. The Behalf payback period is equivalent to a choice of net 30/60/90/120/180 payment terms. Credit line amounts offered by Behalf range between $500 and $250,000 (depending on their approved credit limit), with up to $50,000 in “buying power.”

Approved purchasers with the Behalf credit line can choose their preferred payment terms when placing an order. Their choice is payment in full or a weekly or monthly payment schedule.  With a weekly payment plan, borrowers get 10% off the Behalf financing amount. 

The 7 step process for using a Behalf credit line is:

  1. Apply for a Behalf purchasing line of credit. 
  2. Receive a quick credit decision for approval and a credit line limit (or denial of credit).  
  3. Send payment to your vendor or use the Behalf MasterCard feature at online checkout. 
  4. Choose order terms of payment-in-full, or schedule weekly or monthly payments for up to six months (on demand).
  5. Behalf approves orders and remits the order total to the vendor before the balance is due from the purchaser. 
  6. Monitor your purchases and Behalf credit line using an online dashboard. 
  7. Make the scheduled payments, including interest, as the Behalf credit line requires. 

Companies Registering with Business Credit Bureaus

New businesses need to register with the major credit bureaus. Companies provide information, including Employer Identification Number (EIN), date business established, phone number, business address, website, and type of legal entity.

In return, these businesses get an identifying number like the DUNS number from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). And vendors can check credit report scores and begin reporting their payment history. Businesses often need to furnish their DUNS number on credit applications.

Vendors Using Business Credit Bureaus

Vendors approve applicants for credit accounts and set their credit limits. Vendors do a credit check of business credit bureau reports at Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, Equifax Business, or Credit safe to make a credit decision. Vendors may use risk management products created by credit bureaus exclusively for SBFE trade association members. 

Net 60 vendors may also use references from existing suppliers doing business with the applicant. 

Credit reporting agencies include line items for tradelines in their business credit reports. These tradelines relate to transaction history with vendors for net terms on invoices and debt, including business lines of credit and loans.

Some net 60 vendors need customers applying for credit accounts to have a strong, established credit history, business credit scores, and a certain number of years in business. Or the small business owners give a personal guarantee to cover balances owed when credit is extended to their company. 

Suppose companies are declined credit based on their business credit reports or don’t want to give personal guarantees with approval based on personal credit scores. In that case, these customers can pay upfront for purchases with a credit card or other payment method.

Importance of Net 60 Vendors

Net 60 vendors are important because they help companies build credit and manage cash flow better. Net 60 terms are superior to net 30 payment terms because they provide thirty additional days to pay for purchases from their business bank account, PayPal, or credit cards. 

Net 60 vendors may report their credit customers‘ payment history to credit reporting agencies. Positive payment history reporting from vendor credit experiences helps new businesses establish a favorable credit history. 

When looking for net 60 vendors, also consider net 30 vendors, net 45 vendors, net 90 vendors, business credit cards, business lines of credit, and SBA loans. 

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