The Total Guide to Deltek ERP

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Deltek ERP integration including market-fit, pricing, features, and comparisons.

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What is Deltek ERP? 

Deltek ERP is an industry-specific choice of software products with a project management approach that streamlines workflows and automates accounting and business operations throughout the company. Deltek enterprise resource planning (ERP) includes software solutions for government contractors, manufacturers, construction companies, professional services, and non-profit organizations.


The ERP solutions are available either on the Deltek Cloud platform (using Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure) or on-premises. 

Deltek products for ERP and professional services automation (PSA) are:

  • Deltek Costpoint for government contractors
  • Deltek Costpoint for manufacturing
  • Deltek Maconomy for commercial enterprise professional services firms 
  • Deltek Vantagepoint (formerly Deltek Vision) for architecture & engineering (A&E) firms, for project management, including optional CRM & pipeline management module for customer resource management
  • Deltek Vantagepoint for consulting firms, for project management, including an optional CRM & pipeline management module
  • Deltek Ajera for small A&E firms
  • Deltek WorkBook for agency management by commercial agencies
  • Deltek ComputerEase for construction 

Deltek offers software information solutions with the GovWin IQ software product. Deltek GovWin IQ  provides business intelligence for government contractors to bid on projects at the local, state, and federal government levels. 

Non-profit organizations use Vantagepoint CRM And Deltek GovWin IQ. 

Deltek, Inc is located in Herndon, VA, near the Washington, D.C. area, perfect for a software and business development information services company with government contracting expertise.

Which Types of Businesses Use Deltek?

Businesses using Deltek include government contractors, manufacturers, construction firms and contractors, professional services firms, architecture and engineering firms, consulting firms, commercial agencies with client projects, and non-profit organizations. Companies of all sizes use Deltek ERP.

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How Much Does Deltek Cost?

Deltek ERP software and other Deltek software cost are based on pricing for the selected Deltek modules and the number of users. Deltek cost also includes integrated third-party add-on software, implementation consulting, customization, training costs, Deltek Insight user conference, and upgraded Deltek support plans. Extra costs apply to on-premises (self-hosted applications) vs using Deltek Cloud software

How Does AP Automation Software Integration Work With Deltek? 

AP automation software is an add-on accessible through the Deltek login and user interface. The Tipalti end-to-end payables and global mass payments automation software integrates with Deltek using a flat-file (vs API) connection that works well for large batch payments. Tipalti increases global regulatory compliance, saves time up to 80%, and reduces fraud risk. 

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What Are The Primary Features and Advantages of Deltek?

 Project management solutions with industry-specific products 

 Government contracting, including bidding information as business intelligence

 Excellent security

 Award-winning customer support

Deltek enterprise software is built for companies looking for better project management and business development software products. Deltek software helps companies win projects with Deltek GovWin IQ and Deltek CRM & pipeline management module. Project managers and financial managers have a better chance of improving performance management and achieving project success. 

Deltek is a leader in the government contracting market, with Deltek Costpoint for government contractors and GovWin. 

All companies need excellent security, but it’s essential for government contractor compliance. Deltek provides critical protection that meets their needs.

Deltek is a winner of several customer support awards, including J. D. Power, Confirmit ACE, TSIA, and Omega Management Group’s NorthFace Scoreboard Award. Users can choose Standard or upgraded Deltek support plans, including Premier Care or Select Care plans.

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How to Implement & Use Deltek?

Select a qualified consultant with Deltek experience to help your business decide on extra modules and third-party add-on software, customize, and implement your Deltek ERP system. Take training courses and view Deltek online tutorials. Log in to use online customer support resources or use phone support. Attend the annual Deltek Insight users conference. 

Which ERP Systems are Comparable to Deltek?



Like Deltek ERP, Unanet is project-based ERP software for government contractors, architectural & engineering firms, and professional services firms. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 (for Government Contractors)

With third-party integration software from GovCon365, a Certified Gold Microsoft Partner, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Government Contractors is DCAA-compliant cloud ERP software. DCAA is the Defense Contract Audit Agency of the United States federal government.


Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite(owned by Oracle) competes with Deltek ERP products targeted to manufacturers, professional services, consulting firms, and agencies. With the integration of DCAA-compliant third-party add-on software, NetSuite can offer a cloud ERP solution with needed functionality to government contractors.



Like Deltek Costpoint for manufacturing, Epicor ERP provides cloud-based and on-premises software for manufacturing companies.



Jamis Prime ERP is government contracting software, like Deltek ERP. Jamis also offers the Jamis Humanic product for human capital management (HCM) and payroll. 


Microsoft Dynamics SL

Like Deltek, Microsoft Dynamics SL is  financial management, project management, and  ERP software.  



Defense industry government contractors use Infor CloudSuite ERP. Infor acquired SyteLine, which provides manufacturing software, and brands the ERP solution as Infor CloudSuite Industrial. Infor and SyteLine compete with Deltek Costpoint for government contractors and manufacturing.


Genius ERP

Genius ERP is custom manufacturing software for small businesses and medium-sized companies that includes an engineering module integrated with CAD SOLIDworks design software that ties product engineering with manufacturing processes.