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Shaping the Future of Work: How the Builder Economy Empowers Individuals

Since the downfall of the pandemic, intelligent collaboration has been a fundamental necessity in the workforce.

New opportunities are rising with a new wave of digital disruption, layoffs, and unpredictability. These opportunities open the gates to a new, meaningful industry: the builder economy. 

The builder economy is still in its infancy, but it’s proving to be an overnight success. The industry delivers a collaborative vision between digital builders and businesses. They are building with purpose, and they’re revolutionizing the way they create teams and partnerships.

Distinguishing Between Gig Worker and Builder

The gig economy evolved how industries employ workers. 

Companies like Lyft have the autonomy to hire full-time, part-time, and occasional independent contractors. Those workers have the freedom to work on their terms.

Billions of dollars are being poured into the sharing economy, with gig workers achieving straightforward, simple tasks like ridesharing and food deliveries. These gig workers are working solo. The builder economy stands out by having productized teams bringing together innovative ideas. 

Parallel to the gig economy is the builder economy. These workers aren’t contributors to a gig; they’re self-employed folks creating and building products and services. 

The builder economy brings companies and highly skilled product builders together. Think the Beatles of the digital era; ideally, the builder economy helps to source the best individual talent for all your team’s needs—you’ll get a John Lennon of SEO, a Paul McCartney of finance as CFO, a George Harrison of digital marketing, and a Ringo Starr of Java. Traditionally, collaboration at this level is no easy feat, but companies like A.Team are changing that.

Together, these builders and platforms work to sell products, accelerate their businesses, and recruit partners to help them spread the word about their expertise. 

The Great Reconsideration is Building Momentum

COVID-19 pushed forward new expectations from workers. 

Companies dangled the demand to work in an office, but that is no more. The best companies and products now know that they can generate great talent by providing hybrid and remote work options. A master builder can significantly impact the world from their home office. 

For nearly three years, builders have been leveraging economic power by leaving their corporate jobs behind, allowing them to work from wherever they want, on whatever they want, and with whomever they want. Communities are budding into lucrative forces, and these successes are pushing companies to reconsider how they offer jobs to employees.

We have heard about the Great Resignation, and its spawn is the Great Reconsideration. The Great Reconsideration is bringing an optimistic approach to the workforce—companies are proactively creating an environment for employees. Whether they work from home, at the office, or in a hybrid setting, companies must provide their employees with options to retain talent.


A.Team is a pioneering company in developing the Builder Economy. 

The first company to leverage the builder economy is A.Team. They provide what companies need on a contract basis. They want to provide you with a team of individual “builders.” Like “gig workers,” contributors are “builders” because they’re a part of an exclusive group of top-level talent across engineering, product, design, and marketing.

A.Team  is a global marketplace redefining what partnerships mean. They bridge the gap between companies, engineers, product managers, and designers. With a focus on tech projects, A.Team recently publicly announced its existence to New York Times and Forbes.

Builders of digital platforms and innovators from the creator economy are looking for audience engagement and brand-building–they’re doing this through A.Team. Builders from the digital era are signing up and connecting across the globe. 

Paying Builders Right Allows Talent to Focus on Building

Freelancers are struggling with reliable payments. 

To ensure a completely branded experience for builders, companies like A.Team ensure their product offers a seamless payment experience. Builders trust A.Team to manage all the logistics that solopreneurs would otherwise have to deal with on their own—and they have a platform to handle everything from payments to tax reporting and beyond, so they can focus on what matters most: building.

To achieve a positive payment experience, builder platforms enlist automatic solutions with self-onboarding features to complete an efficient finance function. 

As the builder economy blooms into a workplace nirvana, companies like A.Team are planting the seed of worker retention and empowerment. This developing industry is creating a place where product builders can carve out their dream careers—all while partnering with established brands through trusted platforms.

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