GlobalWide Media

Maturing from Manual Cross-Border Payments

One of the best indicators of success for digital marketing companies is the continued growth and scalability of their business. GlobalWide Media has been building up their affiliate and publisher base to the tune of over 60 billion ad requests per day across 240,000 sites and 70,000 apps. With multiple international locations, campaigns in over 100 countries, and delivery partners in 80 locales, GlobalWide Media generates over 5 million monthly conversions and $3 billion in annual sales. Some of their customers are the biggest brands in retail, travel, auto, and finance.

Over the last six years, GlobalWide Media has expanded into four countries with five international offices and over 200 employees worldwide. This growth has also increased their global distribution and how they work with international publishing partners.

To maximize the return on their growth investment and the ongoing satisfaction of its publishing partners, GlobalWide Media chose Tipalti as a primary strategy towards eliminating mass payment friction.

“Tipalti has helped us automate processes and streamline payments,” says Brian Munn, Corporate Controller of GlobalWide Media. “Tipalti allows us to issue large batch payments with more ease and accuracy.”

Prior to Tipalti, the GWM team was spending 18 hours a month on payments to publishers. Today, it takes less than six. In addition, processes yield accurate payment results, and there has been no interruption to existing operations.

Says Munn: “The fact that we’ve been able to make the change to a new system in Tipalti without interruption has been a great benefit to our organization.”

The payee experience was also crucial to adoption. “We wanted one trusted payment solution that our partners could count on and that would create efficiencies for our accounting team,” says Munn. According to Tipalti’s research, nearly 69% of publishers look to leave their network because of payment issues, so preventing churn of high-quality partners is critical to digital media companies.

“We are always looking for streamlined, integrated processes to improve our day-to-day business and we wanted a payment solution that worked for all of our locations and all of our publishing partners,” remarks Munn. “Integrating all of our offices with Tipalti made great business sense.”