Risk Management Module crowdsources fraud protection in sensitive global mass payments to secure fund transfers

New enterprise-class Risk Management Module is first solution for mass-payers to share suspected fraudster information with peers

Tipalti, a leading provider of enterprise-class automated payment platforms, has released a suite of sophisticated fraud management tools, known as the Risk Management Module (RMM), to keep online payments safe and provide the most comprehensive online fraud protection available, including the first global database for payers to report suspected fraudsters and anonymously share information with the community.

Since starting to use Tipalti the workload associated with mass payouts has decreased by over 50% while offering many new payment methods to our publishers.

Fraudulent activity in advertising and affiliate networks, app monetization networks, and other ecommerce sites cost network operators hundreds of millions of dollars every year. The most common types of fraud to affect electronic goods networks are click-fraud, the use of stolen payment method details to purchase goods online, and attempts at money laundering. CPA, CPC, and CPM networks are especially prone to such fraudulent activity.

The RMM provides payers with unprecedented visibility and control of fraudulent activity by letting them suspend or block suspicious payees. Suspended payees aren’t paid until reviewed, while blocked payees aren’t paid at all and are flagged in the global database, alerting other Tipalti customers.

The RMM utilizes proprietary algorithms to detect and identify suspicious payees. Once flagged, the RMM automatically assigns them a “risk review” status to alert the administrator, who can decide to then block or manually review them. Payers can also opt to add suspicious payees to a global network shared among Tipalti mass-payers and to subscribe to automatic alerts when suspected payees try to join their network. This offers a one-of-a-kind Interpol-like system for the international mass payment community.

“A crucial component of Tapjoy’s mobile performance-based advertising platform is making timely and accurate payments to our app developers and publishing partners every month, across approximately 40 countries, and all in local currency,” said Ben Ishisaki, Corporate Controller at Tapjoy. “We have been using Tipalti’s system for over a year to accomplish this business-critical task. Since starting to use Tipalti the workload associated with mass payouts has decreased by over 50% while offering many new payment methods to our publishers. The enterprise-class reconciliation, communication, tax and regulatory compliance capabilities of Tipalti have elevated our mass-payout process to highest industry standards while significantly increasing publisher satisfaction and loyalty to our brand.”

“We at Tipalti focus on the needs and processes of mass-payers. Containing and minimizing fraud is an important task for our customers, and impacts their complete echo-system.”, said Tipalti founder and CEO Chen Amit. “The Risk Management Module serves this exact strategy of helping our customer execute at the highest level, while delivering a better service to their payees.”