[Research] Publishers Dissatisfied with Digital Media Payments Experience

San Mateo, CA, December 11, 2018 – A new global study by Tipalti, the leading publisher payables automation platform, found that 70 percent of publishers and affiliates are likely to leave a network because of a payment issue, and the majority of publishers are dissatisfied with their current network payment experiences. In the study, which asked publishers about their payment experience as it relates to ad, monetization, and affiliate networks, 54 percent said the process needs to improve and another 13 percent state that they are dissatisfied with their networks’ payment processing.

Without publishers, a network has nothing to offer their advertisers. For ad and affiliate networks to compete against the adtech giants Google, Facebook, and Amazon, they need to win on service and differentiation. Payment operations can create a major competitive advantage to drive publisher loyalty and performance, which ultimately leads to a higher quality network.

Chen Amit | CEO, Tipalti

While the Big Three can profess ease of joining their network and the demand for ad inventory, high-performing publishers are savvy enough to know they need to do more to distinguish themselves. At a minimum, networks need to be prepared to deliver a richer payment experience that goes well beyond US ACH and wire transfers.

The findings from the report reveal crucial details on how to increase publisher satisfaction:

About the research

The Tipalti Publisher Satisfaction study was conducted in late July through September of 2018 and asked 265 publishers around the world about their payment experience as it related to ad and affiliate networks. Respondents included major publishers, affiliates, bloggers, performance marketers, influencers, developers, and other audience and content monetization owners. Twenty-two percent of respondents were U.S.-based, the rest were international.