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Top-Rated Accounting Platforms for Midsize Businesses in 2024

Explore Tipalti AP automation software for mid-size businesses for workflow efficiency and cost savings.

The best accounting software for midsize businesses in 2024 includes ERP systems or accounting software for mid-size business bookkeeping and finance automation software that streamlines accounting-related business processes and increases efficiency. This extension of the accounting software category includes advanced AP automation for payables, mass payments software, and other finance automation software. 

Gartner, a software rating business, defines a midsize enterprise business as an organization with 100 to 999 employees or at least $50 million but less than $1 billion in revenue. Review our lineup of top accounting software for midsize businesses.

The following table summarizes the 6 best accounting software solutions for midsize businesses in 2024.

Accounting SoftwareTarget MarketScalabilityUse Case
TipaltiMidsize to enterprise companies and small businesses with high growth potentialYesBest for AP automation and mass payments 
NetSuiteMidsize to enterprise companiesYesBest for global mid-size companies with expansion 
Sage IntacctCompanies of all sizes from 5 to 2,000 employeesYesBest for GAAP compliance and multi-dimensional report views
Microsoft Dynamics 365Companies of all sizesYesBest for companies using other Microsoft software solutions for integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365
AcumaticaSmall and mid-size businesses (SMB)YesBest for user experience and unlimited number of users pricing model
Infor SytelineMidsize companiesYesBest for manufacturing industry ERP/Financial software and Advanced Analytics

1. Tipalti

Best for AP Automation and Mass Payments

Why is Tipalti good for midsize businesses?

Tipalti is AI-driven, add-on cloud-based software that integrates with your ERP (enterprise resource planning) or accounting software to automate financial processes. Tipalti AP automation, mass payments, Expenses, and Procurement software is good for midsize businesses because it’s scalable for growth and streamlines global finance and accounting processes relating to payables and purchase orders (POs). 

Tipalti’s end-to-end payables automation software can increase efficiency by 80%, limiting the number of new staff hires required. That’s cost savings, and it allows your business to shift to higher-value work. Tipalti increases visibility and provides Tipalti AI℠ for automation, business intelligence, analysis, and spend management tools. 

Digitization and Global Regulatory Compliance

With Tipalti, you achieve digital transformation by eliminating paper invoices and manual data entry processes for invoice processing with automation. With stronger financial controls and screening, you could reduce your business payment error rate by 66% and reduce fraud risks. Tipalti helps your business automatically achieve global regulatory compliance, including AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer)

Self-Service Supplier Onboarding and Tax Compliance Simplification

Tipalti provides a white-branded Supplier Hub portal that’s self-service for supplier onboarding. This includes collecting supplier W-9 or W-8 forms, capturing preferred payment methods and information, and tracking invoiced supplier payments for 1099 NEC and 1099-MISC preparation and filing. 

If your business buys optional partnered Zenwork Tax1099 software, you can automatically eFile 1099-NEC (for freelancer and independent contractor nonemployee compensation) and 1099-MISC forms using 12 months of imported payment data from Tipalti for information return tax filing.

Automated Invoice Processing and Spend Management

Automated Invoice processing spans from digital invoice data capture to supplier validation, invoice error checking, 3-way or 2-way matching to POs and receiving reports, automated global regulatory compliance for payments, guided approvals, global payments, automatic real-time batch payment reconciliation, and expense tracking and business intelligence for decision-making. Tipalti data is synced with the general ledger in your integrated ERP or accounting software. 

Tipalti is a multi-currency solution, handling global payments in 196 countries and 120 local currencies. Tipalti gives you a choice of payment methods (if available in a payee’s country). You can opt to apply for (and receive upon approval) a Tipalti Card, a virtual spending card with cash-back rewards as a credit card or debit card. 

For payments, Tipalti is a money services business (MSB) with money transmitter licenses (MTLs) in states requiring these licenses. Tipalti is also regulated in the UK. This means that Tipalti can be trusted as a reliable company for making the payments that you’ve directed them to make on your behalf through Tipalti AP automation or mass payments software. Being a licensed MSB is a unique Tipalti competitive advantage for you to consider when selecting the best accounts payable software

Scalability and Global, Multi-Entity

Finance automation with Tipalti software is a best-in-class solution for your midsize company that will scale with you as your business expands with revenue growth in global locations. For more complex companies and accounting software, Tipalti offers multi-instance for multiple business entities and consolidated views of payables when your integrated ERP or accounting software has multi-entity capabilities. 

Pricing Overview 

For AP automation, Tipalti offers two-tiered pricing plans, starting with a $129/month platform fee for the Tipalti Express basic plan. Tipalti mass payments software has higher pricing. As midsized businesses grow, their needs become more complex. Tipalti offers upgrades for more functionality to meet these needs. 

With Tipalti AP automation and mass payments software, your business will also incur transaction fees for payment processing. When feasible, you can decide whether to shift some or all of these payment fees to the payee. Ask Tipalti Sales for a custom quote that meets your unique midsize business needs. 

Reduce AP time and invoice processing costs with Tipalti AP automation

Add functionality to your midsize business ERP to increase efficiency and costs savings and reduce fraud risks and errors.

2. NetSuite ERP

Best for Global Midsize Companies with Expansion 

Why is NetSuite good for midsize businesses? 

NetSuite, owned by Oracle, is a true cloud ERP software system, offering a range of ERP modules and Suites that work together to provide a unified company-wide system for business visibility. NetSuite OneWorld is one of these NetSuite modules that offers global reach and international accounting at the business unit and consolidated levels. Midsize businesses grow market share by expanding their businesses to international locations and acquiring other companies through M&A deals. NetSuite is designed to scale with business growth.

Netsuite ERP offers solutions for:

  • Financial Management
  • Order Management 
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Supply Chain Management

NetSuite handles revenue recognition and other GAAP accounting well to meet your accounting needs. NetSuite ERP and accounting software offers a complete Financial Management solution that goes beyond an accounting system. NetSuite provides real-time business insights. It handles planning, budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow management on its accounting platform.

Pricing Overview 

Request a quote from Oracle NetSuite sales. The cost will depend on the number of users and which software modules and NetSuite Suites are selected by your business. 

3. Sage Intacct

Best for GAAP Compliance and Multi-dimensional Report Views

Why is Sage Intacct good for midsize businesses? 

Sage Intacct cloud accounting software offers a modern accounting solution. It can help you reach your goals when implementing accounting standards like GAAP revenue recognition. Intacct is the only accounting software endorsed by the AICPA, the distinguished, preeminent professional organization for CPAs. Sage Intacct is a user-friendly software that uses a simplified general ledger chart of accounts for multi-dimensional report views that scale from small businesses to midsize and enterprise companies.

Sage Intacct modules include product solutions for:

  • Accounting and ERP (incorporating AI)
  • Planning
  • Analytics
  • HR and Payroll

Pricing Overview 

Sage Intacct helps its customers determine pricing by customizing a quote based on selected accounting software modules. In addition to the subscription cost, expect a one-time implementation fee for Sage Intacct. 

4. Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Best for Companies Using other Microsoft Software Solutions for Integration with Dynamics 365

Why is Microsoft Dynamics 365 good for midsize businesses? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is cloud software that can be combined with many other Microsoft apps and software solutions, including Microsoft 365 (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive Sharepoint, Teams, etc.), Azure (machine learning platform), Power Platform, and Dynamics 365 Copilot (AI assistance). Your business can choose on-premises deployment. It scales up for large companies, so your business can continue using Microsoft Dynamics as it grows. 

Besides its latest cloud software product, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft offers other midsize ERP software products in its lineup, including Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision), now branded as Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains). Long-established software products, such as Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP, have worked well for many years for manufacturing companies and in other midsize business industries. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates with Microsoft CRM 365. Alternatively, your business can integrate with Salesforce CRM instead. 

Pricing Overview 

Pricing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance starts at $180 per user/month. SaaS pricing for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Premium plan starts at $300/user/month. For a full quote based on your expected use case for Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules, apps, related Dynamics 365 Microsoft products, and the number of users, contact Microsoft. 

5. Acumatica

Best for User Experience and Unlimited Number of Users Pricing Model

Why is Acumatica good for midsize businesses?

Acumatica is a modern AI-driven cloud ERP system that allows businesses to access shared data and provides cross-team workflows. Acumatica provides industry-related software solutions and scales for business growth. Acumatica has a high customer satisfaction rating and an easy-to-use user interface (UI). 

Pricing Overview

Acumatica is priced for unlimited users, which makes it affordable for midsize companies. Companies get a customized quote based on the functionality and accounting features they plan to use.

6. Infor Syteline

Best for manufacturing industry ERP/Financial Software and Advanced Analytics

Why is Infor Syteline good for midsize businesses?

Infor Syteline (Cloudsuite Industrial) is a cloud-based accounting software and ERP system for manufacturers in many industries that use complex processes. Syteline Advanced Analytics is state-of-the art for business intelligence and data science-based analysis that uses Birst tools for analyzing financial, sales, and other data. 

Infor Syteline capabilities may include:

  • Production
  • Supply chain
  • Inventory
  • Financials
  • Service management
  • Quality
  • Sales and customer relationship management (CRM)

Pricing Overview

Get custom Infor Syteline pricing for the number of users and modules selected for your business. Infor Syteline is a midrange (middle market) system, depending on your business needs and selected use of Infor Syteline modules.

How to Choose the Best Accounting Software Solution for Your Midsize Business Needs 

For a midsize company, functionality, growth, and budget vs. software scaling capabilities and pricing models may help your business decide on the best-fit accounting solution. Select software that provides your company with the many benefits of accounting automation. It will help your finance department shift to more valuable work.  Achieve routine task time savings and reduce business costs, global fraud risks, and errors.

Accounting Software for Small Businesses and Large Enterprises 

Depending on your company size, growth plans, and budget, you may be interested in accounting software for bookkeeping and financial reporting in small companies or more complex large company ERP systems. Integrate add-on payables automation and mass payments software with your ERP or accounting software. 

Small Business Accounting Software

For small businesses, business owners,  and startups with a lower budget that are not ready for accounting software for midsize companies, read our companion guides, “The Best Accounting Software for Small Business” and “The Complete Guide to Accounts Payable Software for Small Business.” Accounting software for small businesses includes Intuit-owned QuickBooks Online, Xero, Sage 50cloud, and FreshBooks, which are possibly used by some medium-sized businesses. The second guide includes Tipalti AP automation, Tipalti mass payments software,  and traditional accounting software brands. 

Small business accounting software includes bank account reconciliation features, as does accounting software for midsize and large enterprise companies. QuickBooks Online and some other small business accounting software include time and expense tracking and project management accounting. They are also integrated with many third-party apps to expand basic functionality. 

Large Enterprise Accounting Software

ERP software choices, including accounting software designed for very large, complex global companies, include SAP ERP and other top-of-the-line, high-cost software products. Some of the largest midsize companies with big budgets have started planning to implement one of these comprehensive ERP systems. In other cases, the scalability and features of midsize software are sufficient to serve them as they continue to grow into the enterprise category. Tipalti AP automation and mass payments software scales as your company grows. 

Summing It Up

Several software companies offer excellent choices for midsize business accounting software/ERP systems, including AP automation/mass payments. These are essential accounting tools for business management. Each solution for best accounting software for midsize companies has unique features, ease of use with a good user interface, and industry applications that could best meet your business needs. 

Accounting software includes a general ledger chart of accounts and financial statements for reporting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and asset management, including bank reconciliation features. Most accounting or ERP software is accessible from iOS and Android mobile apps and offers eCommerce capabilities. Many accounting software solutions can be used for expense management and cash flow management. All of our midsize company selections scale for growing businesses. Budget and productivity enhancement are other issues to consider. Get started with Tipalti automation software integrated with your ERP or accounting software.

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