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Optimizing Sage ERP: Top AP Automation Solutions

Get Tipalti AP automation for your Sage ERP to reduce costs and increase business efficiency.

When referring to Sage ERP, we include Sage 300, Sage 100, Sage 50 accounting software, and Sage X3. Besides Sage ERP, Sage also has a Sage Intacct accounting software product that isn’t covered in this article. 

AP automation lets your business streamline AP workflow, automatically process invoices digitally, complete PO matching, detect duplicate invoices and errors, automatically guide invoice approval routing, and make electronic global payments.

The best third-party Sage AP automation software uses seamless integration to establish Sage accounts payable automation for more efficient and effective, paperless business process and payment automation functionality with Sage ERP and accounting software.

A Quick Overview of Sage ERP

Sage ERP is an umbrella term for the different Sage ERP software products falling into the enterprise resource planning category. ERP is a unified system handling multiple business function processes as modules in an integrated single database system used throughout the company. 

Sage ERP also seamlessly integrates with third-party add-on software to make it more useful and help you achieve productivity and cost savings through efficient workflow automation. 

Sage 300 ERP

The Sage 300 ERP is a popular software system with over 40,000 global customers for medium-sized and small businesses. Sage 300 was formerly named ACCPAC. 

Sage 300, modular cloud-enabled ERP software for business management and finance/accounting, has multi-location inventory tracking and shipping capabilities, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger with consolidation, and features that include autodetecting unrecorded transactions, multi-entity, multi-currency, multi-lingual, and integrated credit/debit payment processing. 

Sage300 cloud provides real-time finance and operations and anytime, any device mobile access. 

Sage 300 includes tools for:

  • Finance 
  • Sales orders
  • Inventory 
  • Integrated payments through PayPal, Stripe, and Paya

Sage 300 modules include:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Inventory
  • Business Intelligence (Sage Intelligence and Crystal Reports)
  • Project Management and Job Costing
  • Payroll
  • Sage CRM
  • Administrative
  • Language Packs

Sage 100 ERP

The Sage 100 ERP is a modular system with on-premises or online deployment that can be used by medium-sized and small businesses as a mid-range system. Sage 100 former names were Sage ERP MAS 90, 200, and 200 SQL. Sage 100 requires a third-party add-on for multi-entity consolidation. 

Sage 100 Advanced offers a solution for multisite businesses and doesn’t require remote access software. Sage 100 Premium is another Sage 100 ERP solution. Sage 100 modules include:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Distribution 
  • eCommerce
  • Resource and Project Management
  • Manufacturing 
  • Business Intelligence and Integration Tools
  • Sage CRM (customer relationship management)

Sage X3 and Sage 50

Sage X3 is a real-time, cloud-based, comprehensive business cloud ERP with multi-entity and multi-location finance and accounting, production management, inventory management, and supply chain management. 

Sage 50 is small business accounting software with cloud connectivity. Sage 50 is not designed as multi-entity software because it lets users work in only one company at a time although multiple companies can be set up in Sage 50. 

Automate AP and Invoices for Sage ERP

As a Sage ERP user, your business or nonprofit entity needs to automate its accounts payable and supplier invoice processing from invoice automation data capture to global payments and reconciliation. AP automation replaces paper documents and manual data entry with digitization and automation. Third-party integrations from software providers for Sage ERP AP automation include Sage 300 AP automation, Sage 100 AP automation, and Sage X3 AP automation. 

Tipalti provides advanced end-to-end, integrated software for Sage AP automation that you can use to reach your efficient accounts payable process and global payments goals. Tipalti AP automation software integrates with any ERP system or accounting software, including Sage 300, Sage 100, Sage X3, and Sage 50. When your Sage ERP has multi-entity capabilities, Tipalti provides multi-entity and multi-instance capabilities.

Does Sage Have AP Automation?

Sage has not developed its own AP automation solution that integrates with Sage 300, Sage 100, and Sage 50 ERPs. The core Sage ERP accounting software doesn’t include the AP automation features that your business or organization will find in an integrated third-party AP automation solution. 

How does your business improve Sage ERP payables invoice processing?

Integrate Tipalti AP automation with your Sage ERP to replace time-consuming manual processes with digitization and get more functionality and controls.

Top 5 AP Automation Integrations for Sage

In your software evaluation when adding accounts payable automation, consider these AP automation Sage integration solutions. We address features and pricing for each AP automation solution. The pricing may not include payment processing costs. 

#1 Tipalti

Scalable Tipalti AP automation provides cloud-based, end-to-end payables and electronic invoice processing that replaces manual processes with touchless, AI-driven AP process automation. (Tipalti also offers other finance and procurement automation software for all ERPs and accounting software, including AP automation for Sage Intacct.) 


  • Self-service supplier onboarding with online W-9 or W-8 tax form information completion and electronic payment method selection before the first payment
  • Digital capture of invoice headers and line item data with AI/ML/OCR technologies
  • Supplier validation, supplier payments tracking for IRS 1099/1042-S form preparation reports, and automated invoice status notifications
  • 3-way or 2-way invoice matching with POs and receiving reports
  • Duplicate invoice and error and fraud detection using 26,000 automated payment rules
  • Automated invoice coding to the general ledger chart of accounts
  • Guided approval process routings
  • Automated global regulatory compliance
  • Multi-entity, muti-instance, and multi-currency with each entity and combined views
  • Global payments in 196 countries and 120 local currencies using a choice of electronic payment methods
  • Automated payment batch reconciliation, saving accounting teams time 
  • Spend management, with AI analytics and business intelligence tools, including an AI-driven digital virtual assistant for queries
  • Real-time dashboards

Tipalti payment method choices include ACH, global ACH, prepaid debit card, wire transfer, PayPal, and check. Tipalti also offers Tipalti Card as an employee-issued and corporate-controlled purchasing card solution with virtual and physical credit card and debit card solutions for spend and expense management.


The Tipalti basic platform pricing starts at $129 per month. As your company grows and gains complexity, it can upgrade its SaaS subscription plan to include additional functionality. 

#2 Yooz

Cloud-based, Yooz provides real-time P2P (procure to pay) software from purchase request to payment, including AP automation. Yooz industry solutions include automotive, construction, nonprofits, restaurants, and retail. 


  • Invoice data capture and supplier recognition
  • AI/deep learning & RPA-driven electronic invoice processing
  • Invoice matching with the purchase order (via order number identification) and bill paying for invoices without POs
  • Approvals
  • Supplier invoice payments


The Yooz Gold Edition plan is for unlimited users and establishes SaaS subscription pricing based on documents processed volume, available via a custom quote. 

#3 Bottomline

Paymode-X by Bottomline is used for AP automation. Paymode-X processes both PO-based invoices and non-PO invoices. 


  • Invoice data capture using AI/ML/OCR technologies
  • Invoice matching
  • General ledger account coding
  • Fraud risk detection and vendor validation
  • Approvals
  • Electronic invoice payments for vendors on Paymode-X network
  • Real-time dashboard
    • Invoice and early payment discount status
    • KPI metrics
      • Invoice matching stats
      • Invoice processing time
      • Vendor network
      • Accrual reporting summary and detail
      • Invoice volume
  • Audit trail
  • Data syncing with ERP
  • Mobile app


Paymode-X Basic is free to vendors. Paymode-X premium and virtual cards assess network fees to vendors. Contact Bottomline to inquire about costs to your business. 

#4 Ramp

Ramp AP automation handles the entire accounts payable workflow, replacing manual processes with digitization. 


  • Invoice data extraction using artificial intelligence
  • Duplicate invoice detection
  • Automated GL code process, using machine learning
  • 2-way matching with PO
  • Automatically routed approvals
  • Invoice status and scheduled payments with amounts for cash flow forecasting
  • Any vendor payment method in 195 countries and 40 foreign currencies
  • Ramp Flex extended payment terms option
  • Vendor and spend management


The basic Ramp plan is free, Ramp Plus pricing is regularly $15 per user per month, billed annually, and Ramp Enterprise requires a custom quote. Ramp Plus adds increased granularity for controls and scalable customization for global expansion. Ramp Enterprise adds enhanced security, compliance, and dedicated customer support. 

#5 Coupa

Coupa is a software company focusing on procurement and business spend management for companies with a bigger budget, although it has large company, mid-market, and fewer small business customers. For AP automation, Coupa has cloud Invoicing Management software that combines with Sage ERP and Coupa’s other cloud-based products, including Invoicing + Procurement, Invoicing + Spend Guard, and Invoicing + Pay. 


  • Digital e-invoices
  • Spend Guard detects duplicate and fraudulent invoices through business spend monitoring
  • 2-way and 3-way Invoice/PO/receiver matching and PO flip to invoice with Procurement
  • Approval workflows and reminders
  • Invoice status communication for vendors
  • Set early payment discounts and maximized Days Payable Outstanding for payments
  • Streamline accruals to capture all vendor spending


Coupa sales provides customized pricing for its software products used for AP automation. 

Which AP Automation Integration Suits Your Business?

To determine which cloud-based, third-party add-on software for Sage AP automation integration best fits your business needs, start by collaborating with your teams and CFO to list the specific goals, requirements, and desirable accounts payable automation features. Compare your wishlist to your company’s budget.  

Look for a Sage-recommended Sage accounts payable automation solution (meaning Tipalti) that handles the entire AP process. Scalable Tipalti AP automation for Sage ERP (or Sage Intacct) will add the end-to-end payables and invoice processing functionality your business needs, saving it time and money, reducing hiring needs, and giving you much better on-time invoice processing to take supplier early payment discounts on time. 

Tipalti for Sage AP automation helps you gain efficient self-service supplier onboarding, reduce errors and fraud risks, automate global regulatory compliance, make global electronic payments, and receive 1099 preparation reports for easy completion, or optional automatic e-filing with partnered Tax1099 software. Schedule a demo to learn more about how Tipalti can help your business streamline processes and grow. 

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