Tipalti Announces Virtual Card to Bring Visibility and Control to Corporate Spending

The corporate card alternative combines quick card issuance along with seamless payments management, instant reconciliation and best-in-class integration with ERP systems

San Mateo, CA – September 14, 2022 – During the company’s annual Illuminate Conference, Tipalti, the leading automated global payables solution, announced the general availability of the Tipalti Card, as well as its upcoming Tipalti Expenses and new third-party integrations. The Tipalti Card combines quick virtual card issuance with end-to-end supplier payments management. By bringing simplicity, convenience and security to virtual credit or debit transactions, it allows users to easily manage and control business spend, reduce costs and improve profitability. When integrated with Tipalti’s award-winning accounts payable solution, these innovations further the company’s ability to address the concerns and complexities of running the finance operation.

“As transaction volumes continue to increase, high-velocity companies are increasingly looking to streamline inefficiencies, manage uncontrolled spending and break down silos impeding both security and visibility,” said Bar Winkler, GM of Tipalti Card and Approve. “Through the Tipalti Card, we believe we have found an answer to these pain-points and more, complete with new and innovative features that will completely reimagine how financial leaders structure their transactions.” 

While traditional cards can be fraught with complex reconciliation processes, fraud risk and spending irregularities, the Tipalti Card functions by offering accounts payable (AP) management at scale, streamlining once burdensome processes with a centralized and easy-to-use system. The card is designed to treat card transactions like other payment methods that Tipalti offers, providing customers with end-to-end payments oversight with all the advantages of traditional card payments. 

“As our company experienced rapid growth, we needed a corporate card-alternative that enables upfront controls and virtual flexibility without compromising security. Tipalti Cards is just that,” said Kathleen Simon, Executive VP of Finance at Influential, the industry leader in influencer marketing. “The Tipalti Card has saved us as much as an entire week’s worth of work. We’re now able to empower our departments and contractors with accessibility and real-time communications, in addition to providing real-time visibility to the accounting team.”

Tipalti Card Benefits: 

Currently, while Tipalti Card customers must have a U.S. entity, the card will be accepted internationally and can be used for non-USD transactions. ERP support is compatible with NetSuite, with future Card ERP integrations coming soon.

Tipalti also highlighted its product roadmap at Illuminate, announcing it will be offering an Expense Management solution in 2023. Tipalti Expenses will simplify expense management and reconciliation by capturing, organizing and centralizing all expenses in one seamless platform. Unique to the Tipalti Card, this also includes the reimbursement (actual payments to the employee) of those expenses in the U.S. and anywhere around the world. Alongside PO management, accounts payable, cards and global payments, it enables businesses to gain even better visibility and control. The solution will simplify the employee’s flow, helping them get access to the products, services and vendors they need to get their work done. It also minimizes the necessity for employees to ask the finance team questions while still providing insight into employee requests, expenses and reimbursements. 

Additionally, Tipalti shared news on several third-party integrations coming soon which will provide customers with the ability to seamlessly aggregate data and holistically review everything from purchases and renewals to contracts in a unified environment. These integrations include:

To learn more about the Tipalti Card, visit tipalti.com/card.

About Tipalti

Tipalti comes from the Hebrew expression for “We handled it.” Tipalti is the only company handling both Mass Payments and Accounts Payable workflows for high-velocity companies across the entire financial operations cycle: onboarding and managing global suppliers, instituting procurement controls, streamlining invoice processing and approvals, executing payments around the world and reconciling payables data across a multi-subsidiary finance organization. Tipalti enables high-growth companies to scale quickly by making payables strategic with operational, compliance, and financial controls. Companies can efficiently and securely pay thousands of partners and suppliers in 196 countries within minutes. Thousands of companies, such as GoDaddy, Roku and WordPress.com use Tipalti to reduce operational workload by 80% and accelerate the financial close by 25%, while improving partner visibility and strengthening financial and spend controls. For more information, visit tipaltidev.wpengine.com.