Global Supplier Payment Automation for NetSuite OneWorld

With the NetSuite OneWorld-Tipalti integration, NetSuite OneWorld users can eliminate up to 80% of the workload related to managing payments to domestic and international suppliers. Tipalti automates your entire accounts payable process from new vendor set up through to global supplier remittance and payment reconciliation.

Wipe Out 80% of Your Supplier Payments Workload

  • ‘Built for NetSuite’ Certified
  • Streamline Global Multi-Method Payments to Suppliers
  • Real-Time Payment Reconciliation
  • Provide Payment Status to Suppliers 24/7
  • Automate Vendor Set Up and Tax Form Collection

Automating the Last Mile of ERP

Tipalti extends existing NetSuite OneWorld ERP capabilities by providing full management and automated execution of AP processes including payee onboarding, payment scheduling, remittance through bank integrations, communicating with suppliers, and reconciliation of payment details with invoices and billing.

Streamline Global Bill Payments

Stop spending time collecting payment information and processing supplier payments. Just schedule bill payments out of NetSuite OneWorld based on due dates to vendors and with a few clicks Tipalti pays them in any country over a wide range of different payment methods (e.g. ACH, wire transfer, international ACH, PayPal, paper checks, prepaid debit card, etc.) and in over 100 currencies. The choice of payment method is established by the vendor so they can select the most convenient or cost-effective option for them in terms of timing or fees. No requesting account information, logging into individual banking portals or printing checks. Everything is accurately executed in minutes per day.

Real-Time Payment Reconciliation

Financial close can be an exasperating process involving correlation of bank statements and invoice details. With the Tipalti integration to NetSuite OneWorld, payment remittance results automatically populate NetSuite OneWorld for faster, more accurate payment reconciliation and general ledger reporting, automatic supplier payment status communication, and expedited tax reporting.

Provide Payment Status to Suppliers 24/7

Remove your finance team from payment status conversations with suppliers. Tipalti automatically communicates each stage of the payment remittance status with your suppliers, based on their preferred communication vehicles. Tipalti can provide them with anytime, anywhere visibility into both their payment status and payment history, while also allowing them to update their vendor payment information. Finally, payment status syncs over instantly to NetSuite OneWorld so your team has easy access to this information in NetSuite with a click.

Automate Vendor Set Up and Tax Forms

Manual data entry for vendor data is a waste of your team’s time and causes widespread errors. Tipalti features a guided self-service web portal for suppliers to register and update their contact and billing data. Tax forms (W-9, W-8 series, VAT) are collected and validated from within the portal reducing the duress of trying to do it at the end of the year. Information from the portal can be synchronized one-way or two-way with NetSuite OneWorld as part of its vendor management module.

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